Photography  Akos Major

Hi there! My name is Emily.

I'm a graphic designer who also has a passion for hand-lettering, illustration, and photography. I graduated from Towson University in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, along with a minor in Business Administration. From the beginning, one of my greatest joys in life has always been color and the ability to express it and apply it; I began with sidewalk chalk and finger paints, and continually added to that collection as time went on. Even today, my family gives me colored pens as a birthday gift--and I couldn't be happier. Pair that love for color with a knack for layout, attention to the detail, and a love for letterforms and we're in business.

Aside from design, I very much enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, playing sports, and relaxing in my hammock (I collect a lot of inspiration from these activities). I'm also fond of ice cream and the way the leaves change color in the fall. I enjoy journaling as a creative outlet for my mind; I love to think about the details.