Erin & Matt's Engagement Photos | Savage Mill, MD

At the very end of March, I got to tag along with Kelsey (of Kira Nicole Photography) as her second shooter. While I don’t brand myself as a photographer, I enjoy photography and took a couple photo classes in college as part of the design curriculum. One thing I have always enjoyed about both design & photography is the compositional challenge–finding a way to anchor your work so that it is both interesting & pleasing to the eye. 

Taking photos as a second shooter adds to this “compositional challenge," because you also have to make sure you stay out of the lead photographers way! I had so much fun second shooting with Kelsey, especially since she's one of my roommates and bridesmaids, and ALSO because Erin is one of my roommates from college and we're in each others weddings this year! It was a rare opportunity and I'm really glad I got to tag along.

Erin and Matt are an awesome couple--they're both very funny and fun-loving, as well as caring and genuine. I always have a good time when I hang out with Erin and I treasure her friendship, and am so excited to stand by her when she marries Matt this fall.

Here are some of my favorite photos (if you want to see Kelsey's photos, go here)!