It's been a little while since I last posted on the 'ol blog. BUT I'm here to share some good news, and it comes in two parts!


I alluded to an idea I wanted to try in my last blog post, which I kept to myself until I was ready to start it. At the time it was a loosely formed idea, and since then I've fleshed it out a little (little) bit.

So, when I posted this instagram post last week, it was because I'd decided to start a new little thing I'm calling Wallpaper Wednesday! Which means that on Wednesdays, I'm planning to post something that can be downloaded as a lock screen or background on your phone. I didn't want to share toooo many things today, so I'm going to hold the first wallpaper download & blog post until a little later this week or next week.

wallpaper wednesday and an etsy shop-image.jpg


Looking at that January 1 blog post – I remember feeling like I wasn't sure where exactly I wanted to go and whether I might ever set up a shop. Over time and especially over the last two months or so, I realized that I still really do want to go for the small business, and shipping beats perfection (see this post for more about that) and it’s time to get rolling because there's no time like the present and I'm done with waiting for everything to be perfect to start, so here we go.

So, I made an additional decision after last week's instagram post, that today I was also going to go ahead and announce that I set up my Etsy shop! That's right, I'm introducing TWO NEW THINGS at the same time.

I know that maybe two things at once is a lot, but it’s time to start and I’m confident I want to try and I'm not going to keep waiting to find time to set everything up perfectly (except that yes I am taking one more week to post the first wallpaper... big / baby steps).

I’m actually pretty encouraged by that January post and the progress I've made since then - I have been reading! And listening to podcasts! Progress! But definitely not perfection - going to the gym is come and go and grocery shopping consistently is not really a set thing still (don’t ask me how. Each week is like the Wild West when it comes to a dinner plan. Still hoping to work on that though). I'm excited for what’s to come and trying to hold it all loosely.

In the meantime - you can check out my BRAND NEW ETSY SHOP here or by using the BRAND NEW "SHOP" link in my website nav! 

Thank you for reading and following along! I'd love to hear what you think - you can comment below or on my instagram post at @emilykateletters.